This page lists the exciting research projects RECOD is leading — stay tuned!


DéjàVu: Feature-Space-Time Coherence from Heterogeneous Data for Media Integrity Analytics and Interpretation of Events

2017 – 2022 (FAPESP)

Prof. Anderson Rocha (PI)

The Secret of Playing Football: Brazil versus the Netherlands

2016 – 2021 (FAPESP)

Prof. Ricardo Torres (PI)

MediFor: Media Forensics Integrity Analytics

2016 – 2020 (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency – DARPA)

Prof. Anderson Rocha

DeepEyes: Visual Computing and Machine Intelligence Solutions for Digital Forensics and Electronic Surveillance

2014 – 2019 (CAPES)

Prof. Anderson Rocha (PI)

IDENTITY: Computer Vision Enabled Multimedia Forensics and People Identification

2016 – 2020 (H2020)

Prof. Anderson Rocha (Brazilian partner)

E-phenology: The application of new technologies to monitor plant phenology and track climate changes in the tropics

2014 – 2019

Prof. Ricardo Torres (PI)