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RECOD amasses (for the second time) two awards at the Google Research Awards for Latin America 2017

As a good déjà vu of what happened in 2016, two RECOD projects coordinated by Prof. Anderson Rocha and Prof. Eduardo Valle will keep receiving their scholarships from Google LARA (Latin American Research Awards) for the next 12 months. This … Continue reading

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Your PLOS ONE Article is in the Top 25% Most Cited

The research paper entitled “Advancing Bag-of-Visual-Words Representations for Lesion Classification in Retinal Images” is among the top 25% most cited articles at PLOS ONE journal. This article inaugurates RECOD’s policy on improving the reproducibility of our published results, by making … Continue reading

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User-Centric Coordinates for Applications Leveraging 3-Axis Accelerometer Data

Mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous and, sometimes, even extensions of ourselves. These devices are growing fast in terms of delivered computational power, storage capacity, battery duration, and built-in sensors. Time and again, we see headlines advertising new unforeseen applications leveraging … Continue reading

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