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Talk: On the Fine-Tuning Parameters in Deep Boltzmann Machines Using Quaternions

In talk, which happened last Tuesday, March 29th, 2016, Prof. João Paulo Papa addressed how RBM (Restricted Boltzmann Machines) can be used in the Machine Learning field as an alternative or complement to CNNs. The talk also discussed the parameter … Continue reading

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Fusion of Time Series Representations for Plant Recognition in Phenology Studies

Phenology is one effective way of tracking environmental changes through the study of plant’s periodic events and their relationship to climate. One promising research direction in this area relies on the use of vegetation images to track phenology changes over … Continue reading

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E-Phenology Project on FAPESP Magazine

The E-Phenology Project (E-Fenologia in Portuguese) financed by the Microsoft Research Institute and conducted in a partnership between the Phenology Lab of UNESP–Rio Claro and RECOD was mentioned in the August edition of the FAPESP Magazine. The project is coordinated … Continue reading

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