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DéjàVu Talks on August 2018

Graph models for machine learning: K-associated graphs and Attribute-based Decision Graphs Prof. João Bertini (FT/Limeira) [slides] [video] Abstract: Graph-based methods consist of a powerful form of data representation and abstraction. Among other features, they allow uncovering topological relationships, visualizing structures, … Continue reading

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Hash-Based Frame Selection for Video Phylogeny

We are happy to announce that our paper entitle “Hash-Based Frame Selection for Video Phylogeny” has been accepted at the 8th IEEE International Workshop on Information Forensics and Security (WIFS) 2016, which will take place at the conference Center of … Continue reading

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RECOD joins international effort for fighting digital forgeries in project funded by DARPA & AFRL

Aiming at developing a system for the military that would detect doctored images and videos and determine specifically how they were manipulated, the DARPA MediFor project is an international collaboration among University of Notre Dame, New York University, University of … Continue reading

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Video showcases new results on image/video phylogeny

Image and video phylogeny is the task of reconstructing the “genealogical tree” of derivative works in a corpus (i.e. finding which videos/images derive from which). The video below showcases new results obtained by RECOD, in a collaboration between the University … Continue reading

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