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Kuaa: A unified framework for design, deployment, execution, and recommendation of ML experiments

Several libraries and machine-learning frameworks have been proposed in the literature to support users in the process of defining the most appropriate methods for their applications. However, many frameworks have limitations including the lack of flexibility to include novel proposed … Continue reading

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RECOD on the news

With the advances of artificial intelligence (AI), specially machine learning, many areas can take advantages of these emerging technologies. The learning experience, for instance, could be much more personal with algorithms that are able to identify possible difficulties of one … Continue reading

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On the Reconstruction of Text Phylogeny Trees: Evaluation and Analysis of Textual Relationships

In this article, recently accepted at PLOS ONE journal and available as open access, the authors propose a framework for reconstructing text evolutionary trees, aiming at reconstructing the history of modifications that a set of related documents has gone through. … Continue reading

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Nearest neighbors distance ratio open-set classifier

We are very glad to announce that our paper entitled “Nearest neighbors distance ratio open-set classifier” has been accepted in the very prestigious Springer Machine Learning journal. In this work, the authors propose a novel multiclass classifier for open-set recognition … Continue reading

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Toward an Automated Identification of Anastrepha Fruit Flies in the fraterculus group (Diptera, Tephritidae)

In a multi-disciplinary research work between computer science and biology, this paper assesses image analysis techniques as automatic identifiers of three Anastrepha species of quarantine importance, Anastrepha fraterculus (Wiedemann), Anastrepha obliqua (Macquart), and Anastrepha sororcula Zucchi, based on wing and … Continue reading

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Illuminant-based Transformed Spaces for Image Forensics

We live in a digital age where images are considered one of the most powerful communication media. In this context, the development of methods for verifying image authenticity is a real need of the modern society. In this research paper, … Continue reading

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Large-scale learning for media understanding

Written by professor Anderson Rocha from RECOD (Unicamp) and professor Walter Scheirer from University of Notre Dame, the editorial article of the EURASIP Journal on Image and Video Processing special issue Large-scale learning for media understanding, came available online recently … Continue reading

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Prof. Rocha offering cycle of talks in Singapore

Prof. Anderson Rocha is currently in Singapore, where he is offering a cycle of talks. Here’s the schedule of the first ones — Machine Intelligence and Multimedia Understanding Abstract : In this talk I’ll discuss some of the research topics … Continue reading

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Prof. Goldenstein has a paper accepted at JISA

Kleber Stroeh, Prof. Edmundo Madeira and Prof. Siome Goldenstein had a paper accepted at the Journal of Internet Services and Applications: An approach to the correlation of security events based on machine learning techniques. Here’s the abstract: This work presents an approach on … Continue reading

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