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Data-Driven Feature Characterization Techniques for Laser Printer Attribution

Laser printer attribution is an increasing problem with several applications, such as pointing out the ownership of crime proofs and authentication of printed documents. However, most of the existing methods are limited by modeling assumptions about printing artifacts. In this … Continue reading

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T-IP: Behavior Knowledge Space-Based Fusion for Copy–Move Forgery Detection

We are happy to inform that our article “Behavior Knowledge Space-Based Fusion for Copy–Move Forgery Detection” has been published in IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 25, no. 10, pp. 4729-4742, 2016. The authors tackle the problem of copy-move image … Continue reading

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Multi-Analysis Techniques for Digital Image Forensics on the news

The multi-analysis techniques for digital image forensics proposed by Anselmo Ferreira on his Ph.D. thesis and supervised by Prof. Anderson Rocha has been highlighted on the SP Record News (TVB). Here is the video (in Portuguese): http://www.tvb.com.br/swf/player.swf?v=45352&dominio=http://www.tvb.com.br/&arquivo_xml=http://www.tvb.com.br/videos/upload/2016/8/2HJLIMT3GQ.xml&cor=ff9500&vol=50

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Digital Image Forensics

The research work developed by Anselmo Ferreira, under Prof. Anderson Rocha supervision, is attracting especial attention in the media recently. Here are some examples: an article at Unicamp Newspaper (in Portuguese) and a phone interview at CBN Campinas radio station … Continue reading

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Ph.D. thesis defense: Anselmo Ferreira

The RECODist Anselmo Castelo Branco Ferreira has earned his Ph.D. degree with the thesis entitled “Multi-Analysis Techniques for Digital Image Forensics” supervised by Prof. Anderson Rocha, from RECOD, and co-supervised by Prof. Jefersson Alex dos Santos. The abstract is: The … Continue reading

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Multi-directional and Multi-scale Perturbation Approaches for Blind Forensic Median Filtering Detection

In this work, the Ph.D. candidate Anselmo Ferreira along with professors Jefersson dos Santos (UFMG) and Anderson Rocha (RECOD) propose multi-scale and multi-directional median filtering detection algorithms to identify the presence of image tampering in digital images. These algorithms are … Continue reading

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Image Forensics Challenge Results Published

We have the results of the first International Image Forensics Challenge of the IEEE IFS-TC ! The challenge was organized by RECOD, with Prof. Anderson Rocha as coordinator, and Prof. Alessandro Piva from University of Firenze, Italy, and Prof. Jiwu Huang … Continue reading

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Talk of Ph.D. Student Anselmo Ferreira at the 6th Week of Information Systems

RECOD Ph.D. Student Ansemo Ferreira gave a talk: “Forensic Analysis of Digital Documents: State of the Art and New Challenges” ath the 6th Academic Week of Information Systems promoted by the UDESC / CEAVI. The 2h talk took place on … Continue reading

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