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RECODists Talks

During the last weeks, RECODists were performing several talks about the research projects we have been carrying on. They are: “Toward a Safer Digital World: Fighting Sensitive Content Online” at SECOMP UFSCar 2017 – Anderson Rocha “Aprendizado de Máquina em … Continue reading

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DéjàVu on the news

Fapesp DéjàVu project, which will start soon, is attracting attention of Brazilian press for its high objectives and potential of impact in the society at large. They are (in Portuguese): Inteligência artificial a serviço da justiça (Jornal da Unicamp, Oct. … Continue reading

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User-Centric Coordinates for Applications Leveraging 3-Axis Accelerometer Data

Mobile devices are becoming ubiquitous and, sometimes, even extensions of ourselves. These devices are growing fast in terms of delivered computational power, storage capacity, battery duration, and built-in sensors. Time and again, we see headlines advertising new unforeseen applications leveraging … Continue reading

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