Granted Patent: Open set classifier

Samsung and RECOD have the honor to inform a GRANTED PATENT at the USPTO (USA).

The document is: “METHOD FOR MULTICLASS CLASSIFICATION IN OPEN-SET SCENARIOS AND USES THEREOF”, publication number US 14/532,580 or as it was known by the nickname of “OPEN SET CLASSIFIER”.

This patent was filed in November 04th, 2014 and allowanced at November 01st , 2018.

This application claims the priority benefit of Brazilian Patent Application No. BR 10 2014 023780-1, filed in September 25th, 2014, at INPI (BR).

“The proposed method is used for classification in open-set scenarios, wherein often it is not possible to first obtain the training data for all possible classes that may arise during the testing stage. During the test phase, test samples belonging to one of the classes used in the training phase are classified based on a ratio between similarity scores, as known correct class and test samples belonging to any other class are to be rejected and classified as unknown.”

Congratulations to all inventors from Unicamp and Samsung who worked jointly in this project:

Anderson Rocha (Coordinator)
Pedro Ribeiro Mendes Júnior
Roberto Medeiros de Souza
Ricardo da Silva Torres
Bernardo Vecchia Stein
Daniel Vatanabe Pazinato
Waldir Rodrigues de Almeida
Rafael de Oliveira Werneck
Otavio Augusto Bizetto Penatti – Samsung

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