RECOD amasses (for the second time) two awards at the Google Research Awards for Latin America 2017

As a good déjà vu of what happened in 2016, two RECOD projects coordinated by Prof. Anderson Rocha and Prof. Eduardo Valle will keep receiving their scholarships from Google LARA (Latin American Research Awards) for the next 12 months.

This year there were 281 projects submitted but only 27 awarded. The result reaffirms the serious research work we have been doing at RECOD in the Computer Science field and, in particular, in Machine Learning.

The projects are:

Prof. Anderson Rocha and PhD candidate José Ramon Trindade Pires

Automated Data­-Driven Screening of Diabetic Retinopathy – Extension

In this research, we aim to design methods to recognize discriminative patterns of diabetic retinopathy stages, providing an advanced and robust severity decision; and incorporate such information into a final higher-level (and more refined) decision of referable DR. We also intend to explore possible forms of understanding the decisions taken by the devised solutions toward accountable decision-making methods.

Prof. Eduardo Alves do Valle Junior and PhD candidate Michel Fornaciali

Reliable Automated Melanoma Screening for the Real World

This project aims to speed-up real-world adoption of computer-aided melanoma screening, both by enhancing the Machine Learning models used to detect the disease, and by interacting with doctors to identify and remove barriers that prevent the adoption of the technology.

The event was covered by our local press (in Portuguese):


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