Second seminar on Deep Learning by Prof. Matthieu Cord

We held last Friday (July 1st) the second seminar on Deep Leaning by Prof. Matthieu Cord from UPMC/France. Prof. Matthieu presented two frameworks: MANTRA, minimum maximum latent structural SVM for image classification and ranking, and WELDON, weakly supervised learning of deep CNN. The slides are available to download here. On August, he will offer a mini-course. The details are below.

Mini-Course on Deep-Learning on August 9th (Tue), 11th (Thu), 12th
(Fri), 15th (Mon), 18h~20h

Provisional program: Deep-learning for Vision, From LeNet to Imagenet, Tricks for Training, Transfer Learning, Fine Tuning, Extensions and Applications (Supervised Segmentation, Automatic Captioning, Metric Learning, Generative Models).

Pre-req: Applicants are expected to know the basics about Deep Learning and Machine Learning. This will not be an 101-course: You are expect to have theoretical and practical knowledge equivalent to the 3 basic tutorials of

Applicants should send Prof. Eduardo Valle an e-mail at with subject “[Deep Learning Mini-Course 2016]” with:

1) Full name;
2) Current position (undergraduate,, ph.d., faculty, professional position, etc.);
3) Current affiliation;
4) Ten-line paragraph with previous work/study/experience on Machine Learning, and motivation for doing the course.

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