RECOD Third Report 2009–2016

We are proud to share our latest achievement laboratory’s report, which translates into numbers the excellent efforts of a great research team at UNICAMP that counts upon five permanent professors, post-doctoral researchers, world-class collaborators all around the globe, and a large team of students in computer vision, information retrieval, machine learning and digital forensics. Congrats everyone in the team and thanks for the great dedication and hard work!


From 2009 to February, 2016 RECOD has achieved:

Graph02– 28 awards and distinctions;
– 126 articles in international journals ;
– 169 articles in conferences;
– 13 book chapters;
– 4 patents;
– 10 completed post-doc fellowships;
– 23 graduated Ph.D. students  (~4 a year);
– 59 graduated M.Sc. students (~9 a year).


Graph01We have ongoing:

– 06 associated postdoc fellows;
– 25 Ph.D. students;
– 21 MSc. students;
– 04 B.Sc. students (undergraduate research “Introduction to Science”).


Since its inception, the impact of the lab. (measured by Google Scholar citations) is growing fast. Although 2016 is still in the beginning, we already got 89 citations. In 2015, we got ~1,461 citations, and in the year of 2014, we got ~1,300 citations. Although there are many redundant citations due to the internal cooperations within the lab., the number is still impressive. In 2013, we’ve got collectively 1,166 citations, and in 2012, 950 citations. In 2011, this number was 630, and in 2010, 550.


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