DéjàVu: Social Media Forensics for Interpreting Criminal Events

dejavu-logoWe are very proud to announce that a new forensics Research Project to run in  2016/2017 has just been accepted. The DéjàVu: Social Media Forensics for Interpreting Criminal Events project is a partnership among UNICAMP (Brazil), University of Notre Dame (USA) and Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) in the area of face recognition, people re-identification, image and video searching, multimedia phylogeny, social media data mining, and scene understanding.

Considering the rise of social media, we could use this new channel for event understanding and reconstruction. The aim is to complement the content from existing, if any, surveillance cameras at the event location. We could potentially provide a much clearer “bird’s eye view” of an event, along with reconstructed scenes from various perspectives of people or objects present. In this context, given an event to be investigated, the objective is to gather social media information related in position and time to such an event and mine the collected information to understand what happened, reconstruct the event’s timeline, narrow down the search-space of suspects and come up with possible answers to the four forensics questions: “who”, “in what circumstances”, “why”, and “how”.

The project is a São Paulo Research Foundation (FAPESP) research grant coordinated by Prof. Anderson Rocha (UNICAMP), Prof. Kevin Bowyer (University of Notre Dame) and Prof. Alex Kot (Nanyang Technological University).

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