1st DeepEyes Workshop – Campinas, SP, Brazil

UPDATE: For a complete organization of the facilities, we’d like to ask you to fill out your name here confirming the interest in participating. Please, do so asap as we have a limited number of seats.


On December 16th, 2015, we will have the first DeepEyes Workshop in Campinas as part of our large Capes DeepEyes project (Visual Computing and Machine Intelligence Solutions for Digital Forensics and Electronic Surveillance). The 2016 version will happen in Belo Horizonte late May next year.

In this workshop, professors, postdocs and students will present their research and results within the DeepEyes project along with our whole team working in Forensics, Biometrics, and Security.

The workshop venue is the Institute of Economy, Room 34, Block II and the complete agenda is depicted below – Pretty tight, but very fun. Further information can be obtained here.


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2 Responses to 1st DeepEyes Workshop – Campinas, SP, Brazil

  1. Luiz C. Navarro says:

    I would like to attend this workshop! thanks!

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