Visiting professor from Newcastle University

Update: We regret to inform you that due to unexpected reasons, Prof. Thomas Ploetz won’t be able to visit us in October. We are hoping to reschedule it and shall update you soon with a new date.

RECOD will host, as of October 1st, for 30 days, Prof. Thomas Ploetz from Newcastle University. He will work with us in activity recognition research and will teach a very interesting course aiming at “bridging the gap between core machine learning and its applications” similar to the one he just taught at Ubicomp this year.

This is the plan for his course:
– Ubiquitous Computing
– An overview of the 3rd Generation of Computing
– Sequential Modeling
– Activity Recognition
– Applied Machine Learning – Promises and Pitfalls

Prof. Thomas Ploetz is a Senior Lecturer in “Context Aware Computing”. His research agenda is centred on “Computational Behaviour Analysis”, which basically means that he is building computational (that is statistical) models that describe and will help in assessing human behaviour. Further information can be found in his webpage.

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