E-Science paper on Agricultural application published at JVCIR

RECOD research group on e-Science had a paper accepted on Elsevier Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation. The paper results from a partnership of RECOD (Prof. Ricardo Torres, Prof. Anderson Rocha, and Dr. Fábio Faria), with researchers from the Institute of Biology at UNICAMP, the Department of Genetics and Evolutionary Biology at USP, and the “Luiz de Queiroz” College of Agriculture also at USP.

The paper, “Automatic identification of fruit flies (Diptera: Tephritidae)” is already available online at Elsevier. Here’s the abstract :

Fruit flies are pests of major economic importance in agriculture. Among these pests it is possible to highlight some species of genus Anastrepha, which attack a wide range of fruits, and are widely distributed in the American tropics and subtropics. Researchers seek to identify fruit flies in order to implement management and control programs as well as quarantine restrictions. However, fruit fly identification is manually performed by scarce specialists through analysis of morphological features of the mesonotum, wing, and aculeus. Our objective is to find solid knowledge that can serve as a basis for the development of a sounding automatic identification system of the Anastrepha fraterculus group, which is of high economic importance in Brazil. Wing and aculeus images datasets from three specimens have been used in this work. The experiments using a classifier multimodal fusion approach shows promising effectiveness results for identification of these fruit flies, with more than 98% classification accuracy, a remarkable result for this difficult problem.

The e-Science group at RECOD is working to promote Computer Sciences and Biology to solve problems in Agriculture and Ecology.


About eduardovalle

Professor at FEEC/UNICAMP, Brazil. Researcher on Machine Learning/Computer Vision, with emphasis on Health & Education applications.
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