Workshop on Vision-based Human Activity Recognition Accepted on Sibgrapi 2014

Great news : our workshop proposal has been accepted on SIBGRAPI 2014 — the XXVII Sibgrapi Conference on Graphics, Patterns and Images, to be held on August 27–30 in Rio de Janeiro, RJ. The Organizing Committee is formed by Drs. Vanessa Testoni, Otávio Penatti and Miguel Lizarraga (Samsung Research Brazil), Prof. Dr. Eduardo Valle and Dr. Sandra Avila (RECOD), and Prof. Dr. Leticia Rittner (DCA/UNICAMP).

The workshop will accept contributions of members in academia and industry that apply Human Activity Recognition (HAR) to exciting applications, such as the development of smarter homes, schools, hospitals and public environments. Both vision-only approaches, and works that combine sensor- with vision-based HAR are welcome. Below there is a non-exhaustive list of areas of interest :

  • action recognition violence detection pose estimation and its application for HAR ;
  • feature extraction for VHAR embedded solutions for visual surveillance people ;
  • detection/tracking – both 2D and 3D ;
  • sports visual analytics depth-cameras for monitoring environments ;
  • visual privacy ;
  • visual concept learning.

Also, we are especially interested in proposals/evaluations of datasets for vision-based HAR (databases with human actions and activities).


About eduardovalle

Professor at FEEC/UNICAMP, Brazil. Researcher on Machine Learning/Computer Vision, with emphasis on Health & Education applications.
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