FAPEAM Showcases RECOD Research in Audience Response Systems

FAPEAM, the science grants agency for the Brazilian State of Amazonas, has showcased the research of RECOD M.Sc. student Jomara Bindá, on audience response systems based upon 2D bar codes and Computer Vision. Jomara has a grant by FAPEAM and is supervised by Prof. Eduardo Valle, and co-supervised by Prof. Renato Lopes (DECOM/FEEC/UNICAMP).

Audience Response Systems (ARS) allow to interact with audiences (e.g., students in a classroom) in real-type, by collecting their answers and opinions. Current systems are either based upon hardware (the famous ‘clickers’), either on software installed on devices brought by the students themselves (smartphones, tablets, etc.), but neither solution is feasible for rural, poor or isolated communities. In order to popularize their use, Profs. Eduardo and Renato are working with Jomara to create an ARS that forgoes the need of active devices for the students, and uses instead Computer Vision to recognize bar codes and gestures.

About eduardovalle

Professor at FEEC/UNICAMP, Brazil. Researcher on Machine Learning/Computer Vision, with emphasis on Health & Education applications.
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